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Comprehensive Contact Information Generator: Authentic-Looking Data Made Easy

December 16th

In the digital era, the demand for a realistic yet false data generator is on the rise, whether it's for testing, data protection, or privacy reasons. The Comprehensive Contact Information Generator on our platform steps up to fulfill this need effectively.

Our powerful tool generates a list of fictitious users complete with authentic-looking addresses, and you get the option of using real or fabricated cities, provinces or states, countries, zip codes, or postal codes, and even phone numbers. Each created user profile comes with convincing zip codes/postal codes and phone numbers that correspond to the designated state or province. This level of detail in the fabricated user data ensures a high level of realism, making the generated data useful across a multitude of scenarios.

Our latest update has enriched the feature set, allowing you to include location data and computations. With these attributes, you can determine geographical distances such as how close one city is to another. This addition is especially useful for users seeking to conduct location-based analyses or tests.

Take advantage of the Comprehensive Contact Information Generator for a seamless and secure online experience. Enhance your data protection measures, conduct rigorous testing, or simply keep your personal information private with our advanced tool. Experience the blend of simplicity, utility, and security it brings to your digital interactions.

The new attributes also let you include location data and calculations. The calculations can be used to determine how close one city is to another.

Comprehensive Contact Attributes

Data Set

Data: Select all
  • Mr, Piran, Bugg, 1139 Hidden Gate, Egorkovskoi, Hawaii, 96824-6284, US, (808) 676-5933
  • Mr, Sivan, Fishburn, 3652 Misty Branch Wharf, Skidoo, Indiana, 46202-7863, US, (219) 293-1733
  • Ms, Livi, Reddick, 6293 Old Knoll, Pittsburg, Arizona, 86556-8651, US, (602) 875-4486
  • Ms, Essie, Warner, 2397 Lost Rise, Yampa, Hawaii, 96806-7283, US, (808) 463-9917
  • Ms, Rosella, Strozier, 7398 Easy Pioneer Canyon, Bothersome, Yukon, Y4Y-0C3, CA, (867) 614-7570

Insert SQL Set

Query String: Select all
  • INSERT INTO `user_data` (`gender`, `firstname`, `lastname`, `street`, `city`, `region`, `code`, `country`, `phone` ) VALUES
  • ('M', 'Piran', 'Bugg', '1139 Hidden Gate', 'Egorkovskoi', 'Hawaii', '96824-6284', 'US', '(808) 676-5933'),
  • ('M', 'Sivan', 'Fishburn', '3652 Misty Branch Wharf', 'Skidoo', 'Indiana', '46202-7863', 'US', '(219) 293-1733'),
  • ('F', 'Livi', 'Reddick', '6293 Old Knoll', 'Pittsburg', 'Arizona', '86556-8651', 'US', '(602) 875-4486'),
  • ('F', 'Essie', 'Warner', '2397 Lost Rise', 'Yampa', 'Hawaii', '96806-7283', 'US', '(808) 463-9917'),
  • ('F', 'Rosella', 'Strozier', '7398 Easy Pioneer Canyon', 'Bothersome', 'Yukon', 'Y4Y-0C3', 'CA', '(867) 614-7570');

SQL Create Table

SQL Create: Select all
  • CREATE TABLE `user_data` (
  •   `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  •   `gender` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `firstname` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `lastname` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `street` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `city` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `region` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `country` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `code` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   `phone` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  •   PRIMARY KEY (`id`)


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