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10 октября 2016

Давайте поможем Вам найти нужные таможенные услуги. Большинство решений не зависят от одной конкретной услуги, но, как правило, требуется несколько или все услуги, чтобы обеспечить наилучшее соответствие решение для ваших нужд. Наш штат квалифицированных разработчиков хорошо разбирается во всех видах услуг, так что мы можем обеспечить лучший тот, который соответствует вашим конкретным потребностям.


(Node, Angular, AJAX, Flash, Java)
The driving force of the web that gives companies the competitive edge over their competition are Web applications. Web Apps are the driving force behind the incredible increased use of the web which gives companies the ability to have a competitive edge without a large up-front cost. Be it simply providing detailed information about products and their manuals or giving customers a quicker outlet to resolve issues. Our company has developed and implemented many solutions using this service for companies be it automated up-to-date vacation information for a travel website, integrating online payment systems for eCommerce or providing an international booking system for telephone bridges. Our solutions are varied, and we can work with you on what ever system you so choose.

Стандартный веб

These types of solutions tend to be static web pages allowing companies to provide content that is updated weekly or monthly, however when integrated with the Web Applications, dynamic pages can appear static and built from content not collocated on the website. The benefit of this type of solution is that users can easily bookmark these pages to return at a later time and search engines can easily index these pages so they get higher rankings, with a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also.

интегрированная база данных

(Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, dBASE)
Integrated databases allow storage and retrieval of customer, product, and vendor data as an example. And can store this data within a set of very complex tables for later retrieval. We have developed many solutions with relational databases that optimize the way data is stored and also we have worked with some of the most complex SQL queries to retrieve those results. Our team is well versed with most database systems, and can provide solutions to move the data a new system and allow access to the data using Web or Desktop integration.

Настройка веб-сервера

(IIS, Apache)
In order to provide a these types of custom solutions we have setup many different types of web servers. We can either work with a server provided and managed by you or provide a mix management and hosting solutions.

Интегрированный настольных компьютеров и веб

(Visual Basic, Visual C++, PERL, PHP, Java)
Since the advent of the web more and more desktop applications are disappearing, however the applications that have managed to survive usually require some level of connection to the web for either updates to the software, some type of user validation, or pulling information from an online source. We can provide seamless integration to web code either directly through the original code, APIs or system hooks.


(Javascript, VBScript, AJAX, XML)
Web scripting is the side of the web usually reserved for data entry validation; however it can also provide a richer web environment with text entry that allows HTML to be entered directly and viewed in real-time, calendar pick boxes, or a windows explorer like hierarchal view of data. Also now that Ajax has matured a little more scripting can also keep the user on a single page and update all the information on the screen similar to a regular desktop application, but with more possibilities.


"Невероятно, как правило, для тестирования мы должны затемнять реальные данные пользователя, но с вашими данными я был в состоянии создать 1000 пользователей всего за несколько минут."

Russ Макьюэн, Денвер, Колорадо

"Спасибо, это именно то, что я искал, когда мне нужно было много пользователей, созданных в качестве тестовых данных."

Тимоти Харди, Чикаго, Иллинойс

" Я так рад, я наткнулся на этот сайт. Теперь я не был бы в состоянии делать свою работу без этих полезных генераторов. Спасибо."

С. Росарио, штат Мэриленд